Monday, September 14, 2009

My letter to Rep Kathy Castor - today

I was going to just comment on your FB page, but I have been blocked from adding a comment. NO OPPOSITION, huh??? Remember, you work for the people of Dist. 11, not just your supporters, at least until 2010.

Would you please issue a statement regarding your relationship with the SEIU (#20 of your top 20 contributors) and their relationship with ACORN. "NPR reports that ACORN's cofounder, Wade Rathke, also founded SEIU 10/2008."

I am sure you have heard about ACORNs recent troubles. I also know that you are not foolish enough to believe that FOX News put words in those innocent workers mouths. That is some kind of editing job!

We have seen the video of Pres. Obama speaking to the members of the SEIU, we know that he consults with them about "everything" almost. This web site tells us how you voted on the SEIU issues.

Madam, speak out against these corrupt entities or we will know that you are just one of them. I may not be able to comment on your FB page, but I have other avenues of shining a light on who you really are & whom you are in bed with. As I mentioned before, you may want to start preparing your resume, the PEOPLE are not happy with you, or your other House members.

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