Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monterey Sunset by my Flickr friend & other stuff

Monterey Sunset, originally uploaded by doncon402.

Okie dokie - so I have a lot of cool contacts on Flickr, but I just love doncon402. Please check out his work if you love landscapes. He travels all over & is from FL. This picture is taken at my old home - Monterey CA. Isn't it neat the way he added those rays!

Please stop by his site & leave a nice comment.

Last night, rather than doing anything on my list I worked on this little pix:

infinitely small

I think it came out pretty cool. This weekend I am going to take the Nikon D60 out and I am going to get some pix. There is this scene I see everyday when I leave work, the glass buildings downtown, the clouds and the distortion. I just really love it. So, Sat. afternoon I will come and shoot that (hold me to it - ok). And then I have already thought about going to the top of several parking garages and taking some pictures. Let me tell you - when I am on the Selmon Crosstown (Tampa) I always see the most remarkable sunsets, etc. But once I get off, I have lost that height & perspective. So I am thinking of going to the Hyde Park Garage & then the garage at my old office building and shooting sunsets.

I missed the beautiful full moon last week. There was on shot I wished I had my camera & a tripod for - the moon was shining between two houses and there was a palm tree to its left. I know it will be there again next month & I will go and shoot it if I remember. (This was at my son's house.) But I read that this months full moon was the largest it has ever been.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Mr. Cotter!!!! (Sorry - I digress, but I got excited for a moment.) I am going back to Hammock Beach for New Years Eve and I am bringing the whole set up. Guess I need to tell Jeff I bought the camera before then... Anyway, this time our suite is on the beach itself and I plan to get some really nice shots.

OK, better get to work. Keep your fingers that all vomiting and runny poop is gone from my house. When you have 5 dogs with the flu - holy cow - what a mess. We have gone through lots and lots of newspapers & paper towels this past week.

TTYS - Peace

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Wow.....what can I say. THANKS A MILLION

doncon402 (Donnie)